John Nichols Principal Co-founder

John Nichols


“Steadfastly committed to helping Afility clients get, and keep, more customers.”

For over 25 years, John’s leadership has helped providers of high-value factory automation products and services grow their sales and profits.

Utilizing a mix of innovative and time-proven practices, methods, and tools, he has achieved excellent results as an individual contributor, director, founder, owner, and C-level executive at world-class systems integrators, automation distributors, hardware vendors, and manufacturing software developers.

John is excited and eager to put our experience, capabilities, and complete range of services to work for you. He is steadfastly committed to helping Afility clients get, and keep, more customers.








Jim Brown Principal Co-Founder


“It’s more than elevator speeches and ABC’s of Selling. It is all about correlating your products and services with how the customer extracts value from them.”

Jim has been assisting the manufacturing industry to apply technology centric solutions to obtain increased throughput, efficiencies, and reduce costs for over 30 years.

Jim has been a long time advocate of becoming a “trusted advisor” by thoroughly understanding the customer’s issues first and then applying technology to address those.

He is sought after as a public speaker, sales team motivator and trainer. He is passionately committed to the art and science of selling and how it enriches the relationship between the buyer and seller.